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Icebreaker Novorossiysk project 21900M delivered to the customer

   On December 26, 2016 there was held a ceremony of signing the delivery & acceptance protocol of icebreaker Novorossiysk project 21900 M built by Vyborg Shipyard (corporate member of United Shipbuilding Corporation) by order of the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport.
   The  protocol was signed by Rosmorport, United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Vyborg Shipyard. Under the contract concluded in 2012 Vyborg Shipyard was to provide a full range of design and turnkey construction works for a series of linear diesel-electric icebreakers project 21900 M. Lead ship Vladivostok and the second Murmansk were handed over to the customer in October and December 2015.
   The vessel icebreaking capability is up to 1.5 meters. Its main purpose: independent ice escorting of heavy-tonnage vessels; towage, fire fighting on floaters and other facilities; salvage and assistance to distressed vessels; transportation of cargos.

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