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At Vyborg Shipyard there was held launching ceremony of the lead icebreaking support vessel

  Today, on November 24th, 2016, at Vyborg Shipyard (a corporate member of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) the solemn launching ceremony of the lead icebreaking support vessel took place.
   The icebreaking support vessel will be built according to state-of-the-art design providing high icebreaking capability and considerable maneuverability at a rather small draught. The proposed concept of the icebreaking vessel with three thrusters (located in pair in the aft and one unit in the fore part of the vessel) provides maximized operability in harsh conditions of the intended operation area.
   The vessel was given the name "Alexander Sannikov" in honour of the dearly departed Head of oil refining Directorate « Gazprom Neft». At Vyborg Shipyard by order of «Gazprom Neft» there will be built two icebreaking vessels to be operated on the Arctic terminal of the Novoportovskoye oilfield located in the west of the Gulf of Ob on the Yamal peninsula. Length of the icebreakers - 121,7 m, width - 26 m, draught - 8.0 m, capacity - 21,5 MW. Main purpose: icebreaking escorting of tankers, assistance at mooring  and loading, rescue operations, towage of vessels, fire-fighting, participation in oil response operations. The vessels are designed to be operated all year round at temperatures up to -50 C.

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